*NEW* Self Drilling Insulation Pin & Tool

Installing insulation requires dedication. Patience is a must as you spend hours gluing and curing; only to discover that it cannot withstand high temperatures. All that after an often dangerous process. Best, you simply quit insulating because it is pointless. The end.

Except it’s not yet the end. ExcelServ Pte. Ltd co-developed a self-drilling insulation pin and the tool bit that comes with it. This is designed to make installing insulations easier. It allows the insulation hangers to be installed instantly sans glue. The best part is it can withstand high temperatures. Works fast. Works perfectly!

Talk to us and we’ll tell you how this little piece of magic can dramatically improve your productivity.

Applicable Industries

  • Air Conditioning Piping Insulation Installs
  • Chilled Piping Insulation Installs
  • Marine Accommodation Installs
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Models and Dimensions

SKU Pin Gauge Length
SDP-1125 11 2.5″
SDP-1135 11 3″
SDP-1135 11 3.5″
SDP-1140 11 4″
SDP-1225 12 2.5″
SDP-1235 12 3″
SDP-1235 12 3.5″
SDP-1240 12 4″
Please Enquire 11 or 12 >4″