Air Caulking Gun

  • The use of a Pneumatic Caulking Gun has many advantages. A standard caulk gun is manually powered and causes strain. It is known to use more caulk and applies caulk unevenly denying you that seamless finish. ExcelServ’s Air Caulking Gun has all of the above hurdles covered. The benefits of using an Air Caulk Gun are:

Less Waste

  • Compared to standard caulk guns, air caulking guns have adjustable regulators. This helps eliminate drips. Thus, also saving caulk instead of wasting them. Even though you spend more for cartridges, you will recoup the amount in the long run due to caulk savings.

More Productivity

  • Working with a standard caulk gun requires patience as you try to control the caulk being used. This causes your fingers and wrists to strain, especially on projects of a large scale. An air caulking gun forces the caulk without much effort leaving your wrists and fingers strain free enabling you to work on projects faster.


  • It causes little strain and you work faster. This translates to having the energy for doing projects with precision; projects that need be watertight. Due to the adjustable regulators, the right amount of caulk will be used every time for a seamless and even application.


  • All sizes available
  • Dripless function
  • Package: each piece in one inner white box, 5pcs per outer carton
  • Inner packing: 540 x 270 x 80mm
  • Outer packing: 540 x 385 x 270mm
  • Gross/Net weight:9/8kgs; * 1.5mm reinforced aluminum barrel
  • Thick aluminum caps
  • Power source: air
  • Working noise: below 75dB
  • Working power: 145kgf when it works under 6.8bars
  • Working pressure:0 to 10bars(0 to 145psi)
  • Steel handle
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